(63 mins) Technique plays a vital role in everything we do on the kit, there’s just no avoiding it! Enjoy this crash course in everything technique for players of all levels! (This is a matched grip lesson pack, look out for traditional grip workshop coming soon!)
(137 mins) Ralph Rolle’s incredible career and credits speak volumes for his knowledge and command of the kit; in this exclusive guest lesson pack Ralph takes us through key elements of his drum knowledge that enabled him to get where he is today!
(69 mins) The hi-hat is a versatile little sucker, and while a simple step ‘chick’ sound can seem so simple, it’s not to be underestimated! From simple quarter note stepping all the way up to advanced hat-foot rhythms and techniques, the Ultimate Hi-Hat Stepping Guide covers it all.
(94 mins) Feel like your fills are stuck in a single stroke rut? Wish you had some fresh ideas to create new and exciting phrases? This lesson pack will arm you with the essential tools and concepts you need in order to expand your fill vocabulary and create some musical fills that are truly yours! Topics covered include Sticking Patterns, Kick Integration and Subdivisions, as well as a backing track to practice your new repertoire over!
(63 mins) If you’re new to drums this is the pack for you! From howto set up your first kit, to learning your first beats and fills; this pack will give you everything you need to get playing along to music with our backing track to practice your new skills with.
(56 mins) Well-versed studio drummer Rob has played on countless recording sessions over his career, including Grammy winning records. In this exclusive Guest Lesson Pack, Rob teaches us some key pieces of information he’s picked up over the years that enable him to perform at his best when it comes down to crunch time and the red light goes on!
Ayo’s incredible command of Afrobeat music can be heard with Afrobeat collective “Kokoroko”. In this exclusive Guest Lesson Pack Ayo takes us through the history of Afrobeat, and a selection of key beats and exercisesto get anyone playing Afrobeat! This lesson pack has something for everyone, no matter your ability level; come and join in the fun of Afrobeat and jam along with Kokoroko track “Carry Me Home”.